Mystery Box: Gamers-Only Kit


Game time is your time and we know that. Want to level up your gameplay for the eSports arena? Sennheiser is the sound games are made of. Game developers use Sennheiser recording equipment and Sennheiser headsets to develop game audio. 

The headset in our Gamers-Only Kit is engineered to bring you the same high level of detailed acoustical quality that the game developers intended you to hear. Just ask the people behind Guild Wars, Hitman, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and many other games. They all use Sennheiser.

With a limited 60% off, snag a pair of our bestselling multi-platform gaming headset for PC, Mac and PS4 along with a gaming amplifier packed with 7.1. Virtual Surround Algorithm developed with the needs of professional gamers in mind. Experience an immersive game on a whole new level.

Category: Mystery

Type: Mystery Boxes

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