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Better than my SM-57

Awesome option for a budget microphone! The Memory Mic really does it all. No more do I have to set up and position 3 different microphones when I want to record and get the perfect sound. All I have to do with this microphone is attach it to my SM-57's mic stand using the Memory Mic's convenient magnetic clip, place it near my speaker, open the app to record, then blend the sound between the phone's microphone and the Memory Mic before exporting it. The app also provides the option to record audio without video which is really nice for my needs. I reach for this more often than my ol' reliable SM-57. Definitely worth every penny!

So much better than a shotgun mic

Excellent product from Sennheiser, works exactly as described. Easy to use.

Creating interesting audio for your videos of people!

The real strength of the Sennheiser Memory Mic is that you can create videos while using the Sennheiser Memory Mic to record what the subject is saying, no matter how far from the camera they are. So if you are making a recording of your friend doing stunts on a bicycle, or a child singing in a choir, for example, you can pick up what your friend or child is saying while recording video at a distance away. You can then mix the sounds recorded by your phone with those from the Memory Mic. This ability makes for much more entertaining videos. Setup I downloaded the app from the play store and was faced with a number of permissions when I opened the app including: location, recording videos, accessing media on the device and recording audio. I denied the location permission, but it turns out that the microphone can not be connected to the phone without location information. Once the microphone was paired, a firmware update was installed. Next comes the initiation phase where your phone will play a sound four times with the microphone about 10 cm distant. Then the audio is analyzed which takes about two minutes. Positioning The microphone has a flexible, magnetic clip for attachment to clothing. Recording When you push the record button, you are given the option to record audio or video. Once you stop recording, you are given the option of downloading the audio or clearing the microphone. Downloading reconnects you with the microphone (why did it disconnect)? via wifi. The recordings are all then easily found in the apps library. Quality I have used both and the audio actually sounds better with the video than if you only record audio. I recorded audio in a quiet setting and with fans running in the background and voices were distinct even with the background noise. But, the audio was clearer if video was also shot for some reason. During playback, you can change between audio recorded with the Sennheiser microphone and the microphone on the camera. I didnt really notice a difference when a switched back and forth if the phone and microphone were close by, but the strength of the mixing comes in if the microphone and the phone are separated by some distance and they pick up different sounds. For example, if you have the microphone on your friend while they do stunts on a bike and you are standing a bit away with the camera recording what they are doing. It is a bit more exciting if you can hear what your friend is saying as opposed to just seeing what they are doing. Overall Does the Sennheiser Memory Mic expand the capabilities of shooting video with your phone? Absolutely. Is it convenient to use? Yes, I have had no problems. Is it a must have like a gimbal is if you are shooting a lot of video on the go? No. So is it worth it? That really depends on the quality of the videos you want to create. If you like making videos of people doing something at a distance and are serious about the quality, then this microphone is for you.

Amazing sound, impressive connection.

With the Memory Mic, you can capture amazing sound in broadcast quality, the perfect accompaniment to your video. Memory Mic initially connects via Bluetooth and you don’t have to worry about getting out of range. The microphone continues to record at any distance from your smartphone.

No drop-outs, no limits.

The microphone features a high quality condenser capsule and the unique Sennheiser technology secures unlimited recording distance between the Memory Mic and your smartphone. One touch audio and video synchronization gives you smooth and wireless audio recording, with dropout free results.
Lightweight and rugged housing and the easy attachable magnetic clip makes the Memory Mic a must have for smartphone video recording.

Get the free App.

The Memory Mic records up to 4 hours of audio which will automatically synchronize with your smartphone video via a Sennheiser Memory Mic App, downloadable through App Store or Google Play.

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  • Memory Mic
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