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I think this is the perfect solutions. The recording quality is amazing!

I have been thinking about starting my own vlog for a while and was looking up the kind of equipment I would need. I think this is the perfect solution. The recording quality is amazing. I am even more amazed when I listen to what's been recorded once I get home. Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it to any aspiring vloggers.


Amazing Headphones

The Sennheiser AMBEO headset is designed specifically for iOS devices with a lightning port. The Sennheiser AMBEO Smart headphones are amazing! The sound quality lives up to what you would expect from Sennheiser, without a doubt. I experienced deep bass, clean, crisp highs, and perfectly balanced vocals. the recording function worked great and the 3D recording was remarkable. To test the audio recording, while wearing the headset I recorded live music being performed by an amateur musician using just the Voice app that is included with the iPhone. The result was surprising with full stereo and great sound'a world apart from recording with just the iPod microphone. Regarding their use as regular earphones, like any in-ear style the fit is crucial to enjoying the set�s maximum capability. The over-ear arm kept them securely in place when moving around. And, the sound quality is outstanding. The earphones reproduce sound accurately unlike some that are bass enhanced. An equalizer may be employed to customize the sound to your desired listening taste. A standard iOS equalizer app or the Apogee Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset app can be used. Its adjustments are somewhat sparse consisting of three movable points along the sound spectrum and four pre-sets flat, bass, Hi-Fi and spoken. The telephone function operates in a standard manner by using the main button on the inline controller. The options are accept, hold, reject and end. An inline microphone for phone calls is accurately positioned, and during calls the sound is clear for both caller and recipient with no echo. Allin all I would recommend these for anyone wanting to get clear quality recordings with or without video.


Great for recording!

I wanted these headphones because I record a lot of videos with my phone and wanted to try these out. These far outweighed my expectations of this product. The sound quality is absolutely amazing. The noise-cancelation is top notch and far better than I imagined. The only thing that would make them any better is if they were wireless. They are extremely easy to use and only have a few buttons. I would absolutely recommend these to everyone.

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