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These headphones are my first from sennheiser.. and I love them! I had skullcandy beats and some other kind before and there are the best I ever had! Great sound and you can have these full blast and no one will had it also you can't hear anyone while listening to them. PRO: Good Bass, Lightweight, Great Sound, Comfortable CON: Unattractive Design BEST USES: Portable Devices, Music BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.


I'm very impressed with the HD 280 Pro. It not only offers high quality sound but the overall comfort is great. It gives natural sound to the music allowing the music to be heard the way it was meant to. The bass is awsome, considering the fact the headphones tune out most sounds allowing the bass to be heard even more as well as the rest of the music. The comfort is great. The headband and earphones are very reinforced also cushioning. The one thing I will say is when I listen to the 280's with my prescription glasses and turn my head they lose a slightly noticeable amount of sound, not a lot but noticeable and may be a result of my glasses being in the way or being out of alignment. Non the less take off the glasses and they're perfect. PRO: Durable, Good Value, Comfortable, Good Bass, Great Sound, Compact, Lightweight BEST USES: With My Computer, Portable Devices, Music, Relaxing, Traveling BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.

Ex. Jim the Runner

I have had this headphones I think for more then 6 years... They have been dropped for more then five hundred times and been used by mother and two little brothers. I never had a problem with a cord or the sound, they are so durable!!! The sound, especially the bass is so crystal clear! I would recommend this to everyone! The only downside it has after few hours of use ears hurt and become a bit sweaty. Other then that, they are perfect! PRO: Good Value, Great Sound, Durable, Lightweight, Compact, Good Bass CON: Unattractive Design BEST USES: Home Audio, Music, Guitar, With My Computer BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.

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