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Sennheiser NEVER discontinue this headphone! Paired with a good headphone amplifier these are still one of the best I have ever heard!. Even my planar magnetic headphones sometimes struggle to deliver such accurate and beautiful sound quality! The only complaint I have is that sometimes I feel it's a little tight on my head, but that is a MINOR con! Absolutely FANTASTIC! PRO: Imaging, Great Sound, Good Bass, Soundstage, Detailed, Forgiving, Comfortable BEST USES: Relaxing, Home Audio, With My Computer, Music BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.

Shawn M.

These headphones are spectacular! If you are considering affordable high-quality headphones for a studio, or just to pamper yourself; You may never need to look farther than these. The sound is wide, warm and wonderful. With a proper audio source, I could hear every detail in every music track I've listed to on these. I'd discovered subtlites in songs I've heard a hundred times before. The HD600s run well on regular audio source, like a computer connection, but excel when paired with a higher quality signal, especially amplified (not to be confused with loud). They aren't in the slighest bit portable, so I can't see myself travelling with them, which is pity considering the clarity they bring. PRO: Good Value, Great Sound, Good Bass, Comfortable BEST USES: Music, Home Audio, Relaxing, Audio Production BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.


This is my second pair of HD-600's, the first pair went for 10 years & I basically just wore them out. Diaphragms & circuitry however were still fine at the end, HD-600's are tough, just the padding, cups and any foam/fabric on the cans had been destroyed by a humid climate + sweat. HD-600's have always been my favourite them! PRO: Crystal clear, warm bottom end, great open sound-stage BEST USES: Mixdowns, your favourite tunes, gaming...anything and everything! BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend.

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